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North Conway, NH 03860


we strive to continuously improve our operations and processes to offer superior services. 

Michael & Julie

Kearsarge, NH

It’s been about two years since Rotten Rock completed our patio and fireplace — our outdoor great room.  We are awed by their creation.

We spent over a year to planning what we wanted.  Taking time to look at other patios and fireplaces in MWV.  Rotten Rock’s work consistently stood out.  We approached them with what we had in mind.  Henry, Todd and JT were helpful and professional from the beginning.  Frankly, they seemed to be as excited about the project as we were.  A great sign.

As with any large project, they were changes.  They were receptive to changes and were reasonable in accommodating them.  For instance, our initial plan utilized the existing contours of the yard for the hot tub area which was to be at a lower level than the patio.  As work progressed, it became obvious that having everything on the same level would improve the flow.  Rotten Rock was able to accommodate the change without a significant impact on the project cost.

Equally important were the changes Rotten Rock suggested.  We valued their professional opinion. Our original plan called for leaving a tree in the patio.  JT asked if we really want to leave it there.  He agreed it provided afternoon shade, but pointed out it would obscure the view of the fireplace from the house and hot tub, and that over time the roots were likely to damage the patio.  We took his advice and removed it — a wise decision.  Rotten Rock never hesitated to give their thoughts but always allowed us to make the decisions. 

It was amazing to watch JT build the fireplace.  He took the time to get to know what we liked and was meticulous in executing.  He always managed to find the ‘perfect’ rock to complete the puzzle.  When he tried a rock that didn’t quite work (his opinion, not ours), he didn’t hesitate to remove it and find another.  

As with many large projects, it took longer than planned.  JT always kept us in the loop with delays and did his best to accommodate our needs.  

The results were worth the wait.  It is breath taking.  We love it.

Michael & Julie

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